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Best Podcast Episodes of Bull Bear Radio (so far)


As we get ready to debut our 100th episode, we thought we would look back on the best podcast episodes of Bull Bear Radio, so far. We took a look at the most played tracks since we debuted Bull Bear Radio in 2017. So whether you’ve been a long-time listener or you’re checking out Bull Bear Radio for the first time, enjoy this stroll down memory lane with us.

Since its launch in 2017, Matt Schreiber (Co-CEO of WBI Investments and CEO of CyborgTech) and Don Schreiber, Jr. (Founder & Co-CEO of WBI Investments and Chief Visionary Officer of CyborgTech) have shared their thoughts on markets, investing, and business building tips for financial advisors around the country. Our listeners have streamed Bull Bear Radio almost 20,000 times over the last three and a half years. According to our listeners, these are the best podcast episodes of Bull Bear Radio.

10. Jerry Needs to Increase the Value of His Financial Services Business (Episode #65)

In March 2019, Matt and Don sat down to talk about Business Building. Many financial advisors struggle to convert their practices into valuable businesses. Inspired by Don’s book, Building a World-Class Financial Services Business, this conversation offers his advice to financial advisors for creating sustainable, salable businesses.

Listen to the episode here.

9. FAANG By the Numbers | 4 Business Building Mistakes to Avoid (Episode #41)

Back in August of 2018 we were having deja-vu. This episode examines the trends in growth vs. value, and why the FAANG trade made it feel like 1999 again (and why that mattered). In the Business Building Corner, Don Schreiber, Jr., author of Building a World Class Financial Services Business, details the 4 common mistakes financial services professionals make when starting their own business.

Listen to the episode here.

8. Is the Market “Fed” Up? (Episode #48)

This episode discusses the October 2018 market volatility, indicators that the U.S. economy might have been slowing, and the concerning issues in emerging markets and China. There was potential market risk from the upcoming mid-term elections and more rate hikes on the horizon, but there was still a silver lining in the latest earnings reports.

Listen to the episode here.

7. It’s a Titanic Tug of War: Bears vs. Bulls (Episode #59)

In January 2019 the markets couldn’t decide if they wanted to sink or swim. Early earnings reports were a bit disappointing, FAANG was back, and geopolitical uncertainty remained. Here we go again. There was a big tug of war happening between market bulls and bears. In this episode, Matt and Don discuss who they think would prevail.

Listen to the episode here.

6. Market Mess: Is the Fed Here to Clean it Up? (Episode #76)

We didn’t need to tell you markets were messy in August 2019. Unfortunately, the Fed’s rate cut bump was short-lived and investors were looking for a mop. Would Fed policy, corporate buybacks, and “Fear of Missing Out” trades be enough to clean up this bull market? WBI’s Steven Van Solkema joined Matt and Don to talk about what could come next.

Listen to the episode here.

5. What Crisis Do Investors Face? (Episode #79)

In this episode, our experts debunk the news that surrounds the media about passive vs. active investing and value vs. growth. What crisis did investors face in September 2019? Aside from an impending recession, they faced the risk of losing out on bull market returns.

Listen to the episode here.

4. We’re Talking about Fundamentals and the Fed, Baby! (Episode #60)

Chairman Powell was stirring the “put”-ting and people were becoming addicted back in January 2019. Would this satisfy investors at the onset of potential earnings disappointments? Matt and Don talked about fundamentals and the Fed.

Listen to the episode here.

3. Today’s Bearish Business (Episode #56)

In December 2018, the Fed announced another rate hike and a market meltdown ensued. Indexes around the globe took a hit and the carnage was palpable. Though stocks were mostly in negative territory and the market seemed DOA, earnings trends may have been an indication that the bull could bounce back.

Listen to the episode here.

2. Impeachment Indigestion: How Will Investors Respond? (Episode #80)

As if the trade wars weren’t enough, the September 2019 political harangue was causing more unrest for investors. It seemed we had a case of impeachment indigestion. Recent monetary policy may have been a catalyst for positive change, but could we actually start to see economic growth? Will investors believe that fundamentals matter more than tweets when it came to making investment decisions?

Listen to the episode here.

1. Is the Grim Reaper Here to Stay? (Episode #81)

We’ve had our fair share of grim results within the markets and economy back in October 2019. An ease in geopolitical tension and trade resolution could breathe life back into the markets. Investors wondering what else could push the market higher made this our most listened-to podcast episode of Bull Bear Radio (so far).

Listen to the episode here.

Since we think every episode is the best podcast episode of Bull Bear Radio, check them all out wherever you listen to podcasts. Here’s the latest from Bull Bear Radio.

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