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Get Started with Calendly

Let’s face it, the back-and-forth of booking a meeting with a prospective client can get frustrating. Stop the “does this date/time” work for you dance and allow prospective or current clients to book a meeting with you for exactly when you’re both available with Calendly. Our partners love being able to schedule a call with our team at their convenience and we love seeing our calendar filled with appointments. When you’re ready to get started with Calendly, this guide has some tips and tricks to help you fill your calendar.

The best part? You can access some of Calendly’s best features for free! If you need more booking power, the paid version unlocks even more functionality. For this guide, we are going to focus on the basics included with a free account. Get ready to save some serious time setting appointments. Calendly reports their users to save an average of 4 hours each week!

The Basics

When you get started with Calendly, you are supplied with event templates that you can share right out of the gate. But we recommend you first update a few settings to make the most of Calendly’s scheduling features.

Let the meetings come to you!

Add links or embed your appointments on your website to turn visitors into prospective clients seamlessly. Simply add a link to the text on your website and send visitors to your Calendly appointment page. Are you a little savvier with your website? Calendly offers three options to embed your appointments directly on your website.

  1. Inline embed. Just copy a bit of code into your site to have your Calendly appointment appear in your page. No need for your visitors to go to even leave your site.
  2. Pop-up widget. Just like on WBI’s About page, a little big of code creates a button in the corner of your site that opens a Calendly pop-up window when clicked.
  3. Pop-up text. If you’ve seen our Schedule a Meeting page in our Advisor Resource Center, you can code text in your page that opens your Calendly in a pop-up window when clicked.

Ready to get started with Calendly? Create your account and start booking meetings today.

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