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Business Update Re: COVID-19 3/13/2020

Over the past few weeks, markets have experienced historic volatility. You should know that our investment process has responded appropriately by raising cash and taking defensive positions. As markets continue to digest slowing global growth and the potential negative economic impacts of COVID-19, we are confident that the process and management team will continue to respond to emerging risks and opportunities.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding our asset allocation across products. Additionally, you can see the rest of this website to view latest thoughts from our team of experts. You can also find more information about our process and products on This is a great time to ensure that clients are allocated to the appropriate strategy based on their loss tolerance, so they are well positioned to protect capital now and take advantage of outstanding investment opportunities in the future when markets begin to recover. To quickly evaluate client tolerance for loss and calculate an accurate required rate of return, visit and sign up for free today.

From a business continuity perspective, we have comprehensive plans in place to ensure our employees remain safe and our business runs without disruption. Our team is prepared and stands ready to help you through this challenging time.

We know that markets go through tough stretches. Our investment process and team have shined during these difficult periods. We look forward to trying to tame this bear market, so we are well positioned to run with bull when it returns. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in us.


Don Schreiber, Jr. – Co-CEO

Matt Schreiber – Co-CEO

Steven Van Solkema – President & Chief Investment Officer

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